About Us

Welcome To Fimagri OP

Fimagri O.P. is recognized pursuant to art. 11 of EC Reg. 2200/96 and its mission is to achieve the best valorisation of the agricultural products of its cooperative members and to give the consumer guarantees of quality and food safety. The distinctive driving force of our Organization is certainly the constant and diligent work of the founding members, professional farmers who, thanks to over twenty years of experience, the soil and climatic conditions and the fertility of the territory, are able to provide consumers with healthy and safe products, excellent in terms of organoleptic and nutracetic characteristics.

Our Features

Production and quality respecting the environment and the consumer

Since its inception, Fimagri has shown itself to be particularly sensitive to the increasingly current needs of food safety and sustainability, in respect of the agricultural operator, the environment, the final consumer and in support of rural agricultural development in harmony with the optimization of the available resources. For this reason, the producer members have decided to conduct their crops with an integrated and organic production method, thus determining the rational use of synthetic chemicals for the protection from pests and weed control, but also the prudent use of nutrients needed for cultivation, available water resources, as well as agronomic techniques. This is possible thanks to the implementation of crop production and protection strategies based on the application of Good Agricultural Practices and the integration of a wide variety of sustainable techniques, including large crop rotations with adequate soil tillage, use of varieties resistant / tolerant to adversity, balanced fertilization and irrigation, adequate hygiene measures (sanitation of machinery and tools). Consequently, the obtaining of a safe, quality and environmentally friendly product is guaranteed, from which the consumer benefits directly.

Traceability in food safety

For agri-food businesses it is necessary today to tell their origins, mission but also production processes and company criteria for the choice, for example, of raw materials, both to guarantee food quality and safety, and to form a more aware consumer, active element of the supply chain, free to buy according to their needs. The aim is to ensure that everything that enters the food chain keeps track of its history, thanks to a documentation system that must be able to quickly and accurately provide all the information needed to trace the food product. Fimagri products are all tracked and safe, as our organization adopts an accurate and analytical system of TRACEABILITY , based on the precise and constant identification of the individual agricultural production units, increasingly shortening the distance that separates the consumer from the producer.