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Cerificates Product: Ethic and Quality

With the aim of guaranteeing increasingly higher quality standards and, at the same time, full compliance with the ethical standards for workers, the products marketed by Fimagri are GLOBAL G.A.P. certified. and GLOBAL G.A.P. G.R.A.S.P. Specifically, GLOBAL G.A.P. is a voluntary certification system based on strict guidelines aimed at improving all aspects of the production process. GLOBALG.A.P. it is considered, in fact, "the Global Association for Safe and Sustainable Agriculture" because it meets the needs of consumers regarding food safety, environmental protection, traceability and traceability, welfare of the animal species, as well as health, safety and welfare workers. "G.R.A.S.P.", on the other hand, is the abbreviation of GLOBAL G.A.P Risk Assessment on Social Practices "(Risk Control in Social Practices); it is an additional module of the GLOBAL G.A.P Standard focused on the evaluation of the social aspects connected with the activities of workers in agriculture, used to evaluate compliance with the fundamental ethical standards in the workplace. Given the current need for consistent and certain information, the certifications described represent a distinctive feature and enrich Fimagri products with added value.


Our aubergine is grown for the summer and autumn period. The typology includes both the elongated and the round oval ones. Both varieties are characterized by the absence of seeds. The areas involved in cultivation are the coastal areas of Northern Gargano represented by soils rich in iron hydroxide which gives a darker and shiny color to the product, which also stands out for its sweetness.



For several years, Fimagri has been producing green asparagus from the cultivation of fertile and virgin soils which combined with the climate and salinity of the water, a sweeter and more palatable product. Rich in fiber, vitamins A, B, B2, C, amino acids, carotenoids, mineral salts, calcium and phosphorus, the roots of asparagus are indicated for heart patients, as they eliminate areas stagnated in the tissues.


Fimagri includes a large area of ​​land suitable for the cultivation of the Pomodorino. In particular, the areas affected by this crop are located in an area near Lake Lesina, where the climate is mild and soils of silty origin, rich in organic matter and of lake origin, containing potassium, and of sodium chloride, generally irrigated with water containing high salinity. The set of these factors increases the organoleptic values ​​of the Tomato characterized by the sweetness and fragrance of the fruit. Recent studies have highlighted the presence of an antioxidant substance: the LYCOPENE

Broccoli Cabbage

The Broccoli Cabbage produced in our areas differs from the organoleptic point of view from that obtained in other areas because the plant is grown on soils rich in calcium with the presence of fragments of limestone rock, which determines a high digestibility and fragrance in the fruit, also improving the conservation status of the product itself. Rich in protein, vitamin A, niacin, riboflavin, vitamin C, folic calcium and mineral salts (calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, sodium and sulfur), it is strongly recommended for young people and pregnant women.